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The Dominion of the Hairdo


The Dominion of the Hairdo
bestows on the art of hairstyling the attention it has long deserved. Hairdressers are modernity's winners: where once was incense, let there be hairspray!

The film's models are college students, presented from their best side: as meticulous self stylists. In several salons of a virtual portrait gallery the physiogamous imprint of our deliberately superficial era makes an appearance: gel displaces gene.

But, the faded splendour of teachers' hairdos is also no taboo here. The educational mission of enculturation has long since been handed over to the hairdresser. It's just that not everyone knows this yet...

Begun in 2007 and finished in 2011, the film Dominion of the Hairdo now presents itself from its best side: with vivid colours, fresh soundtrack and pointed commentary. Thus truly a "Directors' Cut".

Text excerpt

The Dominion of the Hairdo. How man got his look.

The modern age combats the priesthood and courts the hairdresser. Whereas before there was incense, now there is hairspray. We  awake and our hair stands on end.

Man is the sum of his curlers. The formula of physical reality succinctly decrees: homo sapiens is X or Y. However, the distinct, more radical and more consequential formula of social reality decrees: a man is equal to the motion of his permanent wave.

The French Revolution shortened the old guard by a head and enriched the new wave by a hairstyle. Now, in the modern age, for the first time man is entirely what he appears to be; and, for the first time he believes he is what he has. But all he has is a reflection.

Text excerpt from: "The Dominion of the Hairdo.  How man got his look." by Hanns-Marcus Müller.

Film data

The Dominion of the Hairdo

The Dominion of the Hairdo
(D 2007/2011)

Directed by:
Hanns-Marcus Müller
& Jörg Rühenbeck

Format: Mini DV
Trailer (1'05")

Available in German only.


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